Organization Overview

Name: Advanced Aeropropulsion Laboratory (AAL)

Established under the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics of the University of Tokyo in December 2012, AAL aims to create an advanced and fundamental technology and to foster human resources for developing a safe, highly environmentally compatible and innovative aeropropulsion system which is inevitable for the future air transport to be broadly -accepted and to accomplish sustainable growth.
The activities of AAL are intended to reduce an environmental impact of the increasing global air transport and secure its safety. These efforts will develop innovative technologies and foster human resources that will contribute in industrial growth and create a sustainable society.
On the assumption stated above, the research issues and education content of AAL can be summarized as follows:

  1. Significant Improvement in Environmental Compatibility (Leader: Professor Toshinori Watanabe)
  2. Airframe/engine integration and optimization (Sophistication of energy management) (Leader: Project Associate Professor Yu Ito)
  3. Sophistication of Material and Manufacturing Technology (Leader: Professor Takahira Aoki)
  4. Formulation of an Research Hub for Aeropropulsion Technology

AAL will be continuously organizing research conferences in and out of the university, including open workshops.
The figure below shows the organization chart of AAL. The research and education activities will be conducted by cooperating with researchers and research institutes in and out of the university.